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Dr Hannah Malone

I am a historian of modern architecture,

politics and memory

My interest is in the relationships between built space, politics, and culture as they exist in different times and places.

My main areas of research have covered

Modern Italian cemeteries 

Architecture and cities in Fascist Italy

Fascist heritage after 1945

video 4.tiff
Introduction to Fascism

Italian monumental cemeteries of the nineteenth century


Built in the 1800s, Italy’s monumental cemeteries arose against a backdrop that reflected the power of a newly unified nation, efforts to construct a national identity, the status of the bourgeoisie, and conflicts between Church and state. 


Dr Hannah Malone

Assistant Professor of Contemporary History

Faculty of Arts

University of Groningen

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26

9712 EK Groningen

The Netherlands

+31 50 36 38986

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