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Peer-reviewed articles:


Book chapters:


Reports and reviews:


Outreach publications:

  • Fascism and Italy’s fallen soldiers”, website of Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain [OA]. 

  • “The fascist virus is back again”, Renewal: a journal of social democracy, 28, 3 (2020), 48–51.

  • “Death, war and propaganda: Mussolini and Italy’s fallen soldiers of the First World War”, Magdalene Matters (2017).

  • Redipuglia e i caduti”, online publication, official site of the Italian Centenary of the First World War (2015) [OA]


Edited special issue:

  • In press Co-edited with Christian Goeschel, “The Cultural Axis between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany”, European History Quarterly (forthcoming April 2024).

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